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Setting Up Client Software UI-View

You can download UI-View V2.03 from the UI-View Web site. There is also a lot of Maps and other UI-View Add-Ons and information available at the UI-View site. ( Please remember to make a donation to a local charity).

If you want to connect to the internet T2 servers you will need to have a registered version of UI-View. Within the UI-View registration email is an APRS Server validation number. Please note that this is not the UI-View registration number.

How to download the Tier 2 APRS Servers port list into UI-View

Make sure that no other Setup window in UI-View is open, especially not Setup/APRS Server Setup. Make sure that the file Uiview32.ini is not write protected.

Go to the main screen, File, Download APRS Server List. You will most likely see this window:

Paste the following text behind the http://


Click 'Download'.

The file contains comment lines. UI-View recognizes this and will ask you if you want to see them.

Please look at them and answer with 'yes'. Your default text editor (notepad) will open a window for you to read the text.

After reading you can close the text editor without further action.

The server list will then be available in UI-View and you can select your server and the desired port in Setup/APRS Server Setup.

If you then decide to connect to a user-definable filter port (14580), you can read here how to put the filter message and here a description of the filter functions.

The best practice is to pick one of the regional servers for your region. They provide automatic redundancy in case of server failures.

Adding rotate.aprs2.net

Select Setup / APRS Server Setup.

Click on the first entry in the Select One Or More Servers list. ( a dotted line will appear around the entry).

Hit the [Insert] key



Then hit the [Enter] key

Click on the small box on the left of the entry you added. A small tick will appear in the box.

To remove a server entry click on the entry and hit the [Delete] key.

You may wish to delete all the un-ticked server entries.

Setting Up Client Software Xastir

Run "callpass" in another Xterm window in order to generate your Pass-code number. Save that number as you'll need it for each Interface dialog where you might need to authenticate your callsign.

Of course you can always run callpass again if you forget it!

Go to Interface->Properties then click on "Add". Click "Internet Server".

Another dialog will come up that allows you to enter the Host, and the Port. Enter your Pass-code number here. People often check the "Activate on Startup?" and the "Reconnect on NET failure?" options on this box. You may also assign a comment to this interface which describes the interface better for you.

Click "OK" to create the interface. If you checked "Activate on Startup?" then the interface will start as well and you'll be receiving packets.

Use your regional T2 rotate address or "rotate.aprs2.net" on port 14580

You'll need to put in a filter string, such as "r/35/-106/500" which shows you stations that are within 500km of 35dN/106dW.

Start that interface from the Interface->Start/Stop dialog if it's not started already. You'll see icons in the lower right toggling and see callsigns in the lower left status box if packets are coming in.

Server Filter Commands

See examples of what filter strings you can use at http://www.aprs2.net/wiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FilterGuide

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